DIY Tray Transformation

Have an old serving tray or baking sheet that’s gathering dust? There are a few simple ways to transform an old tray from dull to dazzling.  These “do-it-yourself” ideas are a great way to re-use an old item, and create something both decorative and functional for your home!


Give an old serving tray a modern twist by turning its surface into a chalkboard! Use the tray to serve cheese, appetizers, desserts, or whatever you feel like getting creative with. To make your own, check out:


Make use of an old serving tray and any  wine corks you may have collected – or, start collecting them, and create this rustic, monogrammed piece of decor. Follow a few simple steps at:,default,pd.html


Take an old baking sheet hiding in your kitchen and turn it into a bold, colourful statement piece! If the tray is warped, don’t sweat it! Just make sure that overall, it’s flat enough to remain balanced on a surface. Visit:

To show us your transformed tray or to share your own DIY idea, connect with us through the “About Us” tab!


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