How to Brighten Your Home for Spring

The snow and chilly temperatures seem to be hanging around, but Spring is still on its way! A new season is the perfect opportunity to refresh your home.

Fresh flowers are a wonderful way to bring life to a room.  Arranging a few inexpensive flowers from the grocery store (or from your own garden) in a simple, clear vase makes for a beautiful addition. (


Colourful throw pillows are a great way to brighten up your home. Simply switch out any darker, more neutral pillows you keep around for Fall and Winter – or, you can even create your own pillows covers!  (


Bright statement pieces can be a great way to refurbish unused decor that’s collecting dust, and bring a fun, yet modern element to any room. Don’t be afraid to go for a bold colour! If used sparingly,  statement pieces enhance a room without being overwhelming. (


Fresh fruit as decor is perfect for Springtime. In particular, lemons and other citrus fruits give a room some vibrant colour, take quite long to spoil, and give off a natural citrus-scent.  (


Springtime scents are a simple way to update the atmosphere of any space in your home. Trying ditching deep, spiced Winter scents for scents with fresh, floral, or fruity notes! (



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