Spring Beauty Tips


As much as I will miss the deep colours, spicy scents, and cozy accessories of winter, it’s time to welcome all the light and pretty things springtime has to offer! Here are a few simple ways to transition your beauty regimen from winter to spring…

Pastel nails are an easy way to add a touch of spring to your look. Try a light coral, powder blue or minty green shade. Or, kick it up a notch and add an accent colour to one nail on each hand!


BB Cream is relatively inexpensive a great way to achieve a fresh-faced look for spring. BB (Beauty Balm) Cream combines the benefits of a primer, foundation, moisturizer, and SPF protection all in one for flawless, yet natural-looking skin. Most are silicon based, and some are designed with anti-aging component too. For a wide range of BB Creams to choose from, check out our local Pharmasave, London Drugs, or Shoppers Drug Mart.


 Soft waves are easy to achieve and compliment nearly every face-shape and hair-length. Simply spray a bit of heat protector into your locks, and curl large pieces using your curling iron or flat iron. Then, run your fingers or a wide-toothed comb through the curls. Once the curls have relaxed, apply a quick finishing spray for a soft, feminine spring-time look.


Fresh, light scents add the perfect finishing-touch to any springtime look. My personal favourite is Daisy, by Marc Jacobs. Try using a light body mist or scented lotion during the day, and add a spritz of perfume for the evening. If you have a fragrance sensitivity of your own, or to keep those with fragrance sensitivities in the workplace in mind, try creating your own all-natural fragrance with essential oils! To learn how, check out: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Perfume-With-Essential-Oils








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