Perfect Travel Snacks

Whether you’re going to visit family, friends, your campsite, or somewhere entirely new, it’s that time of year – road trip time! Road trips can make for many laughs and great memories. However, cleaning your vehicle afterwards isn’t so fun. Check out these simple tips and tricks for perfect travel snacks! You can keep it healthy and minimize the mess, too.

For a nutritious, travel friendly-snack, pop a straw into yogurt or applesauce!




Before you get rid of empty coffee creamers, wash out the container, peel off the label, and create a new label! Then, use it to hold crackers, trail mix, and other crunchy snacks during your summer travels.




For those who strive to keep it healthy even while travelling – Try salad in a jar! Put your dressing at the bottom



Much like salad in a jar, reduce messes and have a healthy snack on the road by filling a jar halfway with hummus or your favourite dip (the thicker, the better) and sticking in some sliced veggies.



Keep any sandwich from ham & cheese to PB & J mess-free by serving them to the kiddos in coffee filters. Crumbs stay in the filter inside of all over your vehicle!



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