Must-Try Camping Recipes

Whether you camp in a tent, trailer or motorhome, it’s your home-away-from-home. What better way to enjoy your time camping than chowing down on delicious food in the great outdoors? Sure, campfire hot dogs and roasted marshmallows are yummy classics – But give these recipes a try and you’ll never go back! Best of all, all you need to make it happen is a few ingredients and a campfire!

For a savoury breakfast…

Campfire eggs


For a sweet breakfast…

Charred eggy bread with honey & berries


For a quick n’ simple lunch…

Campfire quesadillas


For a gourmet meal…

Campfire chicken with roasted brussel sprouts & dill potatoes


To feed a crowd…

Campfire mac n’ cheese


For dessert…

Campfire cones


For a health-conscious dessert…

Campfire apple “pie” 


Happy camping!




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