End of Summer Activities for Kids

As the last few weeks of Summer approach,  parents tend to hear these famous two words…”I’M BORED.” Running out of ways  to keep the kiddos entertained this Summer? Check out these activities to keep them occupied! They’re inexpensive, fun and can easily be adjusted to suit different age groups.

Decorate your own running shoes with just a few pairs of plain, white sneakers and fabric markers from the dollar store. This craft gives kids a chance to get creative, and better yet, a reason to run around outdoors when they’re finished.



Make grass art while the grass is still green! This sprayable chalk can easily be made at home and offers plenty of entertainment.



Reuse and recycle to make a funky wind chime with empty tin cans, string, and paint. These are perfect to hang out at a campsite!



Make homemade ice cream with just a few ingredients. It keeps kids occupied, doesn’t make a big mess, and results in a yummy treat for everyone!



And, if all else fails…

Use a “Mom, I’m bored!” jar




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