Dorm Decor – Edition 1!

It’s that time of year again – New classes, new schedule, and perhaps, a new living space! Moving into your own apartment or dorm, or moving your son or daughter into one can feel overwhelming. The blank, bland walls and plain appearance of a dorm unit isn’t exactly comforting either. While some students are content to use their funds for other purposes, others find it bothersome to live in a space that just isn’t homey. Luckily, there are a few ways to make the space feel like your own all while sticking to a student budget. Best of all, these simple tips and tricks are simply meant to inspire, and can be easily transformed to work for any decor style.


Decorative pillows are a great way to reflect your personal style and work with the colour scheme of any furniture you’ve been provided with! Try experimenting with different textures and patterns


Picture frame collages are a fun and inexpensive way to fill your walls. The Dollarama, Homesense and Winners are just a few local stores where you can mix and match frames while sticking to a budget. Arrange them any way you like, and fill the frames with your own photos, cut out images from magazines, or print quotes and images that are just your style!


Storage baskets are a perfect way to fill your t.v. stand and store items without creating clutter! Don’t be afraid to mix it up and balance the look with a few personal trinkets or books here and there.


Organizational jars provide a decorative touch to your bathroom counter and keep essentials like cotton pads and q-tips in a handy place!


Chalkboard accents are a great way to personalize your space and can be changed to whatever message you’d like to display at any time! This chalkboard teapot was a real steal at Michaels for only $5.


Dish cloths with text add flair to your kitchen! Homesense & Winners carry quite a variety of affordable, fun dish cloths.


Mirrors are a simple addition to your walls that help to create a more open appearance even in a small space. This is an antique mirror I found in storage!


Here are a few local stores to check out for decor inspiration:

  • Michaels
  • Walmart
  • Superstore
  • Canadian Tire
  • The Dollarama
  • Winners & Homesense (CrossIron Mills)


Stay tuned until next week for Edition 2 of Dorm Decor, all about bedroom dorm decor!



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