Dorm Decor – Edition 2!

This week is all about bedroom dorm decor! Whether you’re lucky enough to have your own bedroom on campus or split sides with a roommate, your bedroom should be a place where you’re able to focus on your schoolwork, relax when you have the chance and overall feel happy and at home. Check out these simple tips to transform your space with affordable, reusable and personal touches.

Wall decals are an inexpensive way to add some interest to your walls without having to invest in pricey art or frames. Most can easily be hung with sticky tac. I found these at the Dollarama, and they’ve held up well for three years in a row!


Utilize shelving to display the things that make you feel at home. Your books and binders need a place too, of course. I reserve the bottom shelf for them, and fill the rest with all my favourite photos and decorations. It brightens the room and will brighten your mood when you walk into your room, too!


Use throw pillows to create a day bed. This is a great opportunity to give your room a colour scheme and creates an ideal setup for relaxing, reading or studying on your bed during the day.


 Patterned lamp shades add life to a room! Walmart and Target are great places to find a affordable lampshades in a wide range of sizes, colours and styles.


Enhance your desk chair using blankets, pillows or even pillowcases! I transformed my plain desk chair by covering the back with a textured, black pillow case and the seat with a comfy, grey, flannel pillowcase. Topping it all off is a pillow that compliments the decorative pillows on my bed.


Decorative notebooks are a cheap way to add some personal touches to your room. I found these at Winners, each for under $10. Whether you choose to actually write in these books or not, it’s fun to search for different colours, materials and sayings.


Jars and boxes are a great way to store and organize your things while adding a decorative touch to your bedroom. I found this jar at Target for just $3 and this beautiful box at Winners for $6. I use them to store my lipstick and hair products, and they’re easily accessible for my everyday use without creating clutter.


Happy dorm decorating! 



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