Fall Decor Inspiration

Fall is in the air! It’s time to swap out bright tones for jewel tones and fresh for cozy. There are lots of ways to update your home for fall in just a few seconds. It can be as simple as switching up the pillows on your sofa and filling your fruit bowl with pomegranates and apples instead of citrus fruit. These small changes are also easy to swap back out at the end of the season and the decor is small and simple enough to store away. Most Fall decor can transition into your winter decor too. Refreshing your home for the season is also the perfect way to keep your space feeling warm and welcoming during the few grey weeks we have when trees have lost all their leaves and the grass has died. Check out these simple and inexpensive ways to update your home for Fall!


Small and subtle decor that you can add to shelves is great for giving your home an update without the need for any major splurging.



Fall flowers offer a fresh element to your space while staying true to the rich, warm colours of the season.



Red and purple toned fruit, much like fall flowers, add life to a room while sticking to a Fall colour palette.



Throw pillows with a variety of textures and button accents are a cozy Fall addition for your sofa.



Outdoor decor is a fun way to embrace the season from the outside in. Burlap accents are on-trend this Fall!



Most importantly: Share your fall-ready home with family and friends!



 To shop home decor in and around Airdrie, check out:

Indoor and outdoor decor at The Store Upstairs, Winners, HomeSense and Superstore

Fall flowers at Summerhill Florist and Safeway


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