Healthy Halloween Snacks

My mom’s spooky Halloween creations are something I’ve always remembered. No matter how plain creepy (or even cute) her snacks were, I was always impressed by her creativity.  It made healthy snacks a lot more fun to eat too.


PS The eggshell eyes on that ghost cake light up! Just put one sugar cube in each “eye” and right before serving the cake, pour 1/2 a tsp. of lemon extract over the sugar cubes. Then, light the eyes and dim the lights!



Halloween 2014 is creeping up! If you’ve got little ones, you’re probably all too familiar with the sugar rush that follows every school Halloween event, party, and of course, trick-or-treating. Looking for ways to sneak some healthier Halloween-themed snacks onto the table this year? Check out these simple and kid-friendly ideas! They’re Pinterest inspired, but you can easily switch them up to accommodate whatever’s in your kitchen, just like I did!

Creepy Eyes: Cucumber slices, a squirt of ranch dressing, baby carrot slices, and any kind of dark-coloured seed or veggie.



Ghost-nanas: Cut a banana in half (width-wise) and then in half again (length wise), dip in vanilla yogurt, add chocolate chip eyes and toss in the freezer.



Spider Sandwiches: Use a cookie cutter to cut bread into two circles, make a sandwich with your choice of fillings, stick some pretzels in the sides (eight, to be exact!) and use raisins or olives for eyes.



Monster-Mouth McIntosh’s: Spread a generous amount of peanut butter between two apple slices and add almond slivers for teeth.



Jack-o-ranges – As simple as it looks, but such a cute idea. Just draw on a face with a sharpie.


Do you have a Halloween-themed snack or meal you’ve served in previous years or plan on trying out? Post them on the Airdrie Home & Lifestyle Show’s Facebook page!


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