DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween is only a few days away! Still looking for a costume? Before you go into panic-mode or drop a ton of cash on a last minute costume, don’t forget to consult the wonderful world of the Internet for some DIY ideas! I was in that boat just a few days ago before an early Halloween event. A DIY costume can seem intimidating, but the savings and compliments you’ll get  for running just a few errands and doing some cutting and pasting are worth it. DIY costumes offer endless options, too. You can spend anywhere from five, to 10, to 20-or-so dollars or even use things you already have. Check out this DIY “Bambi” costume I put together in about an hour. It was a hit! Of course, this costume won’t be for everyone. But, it just goes to show that DIY costumes are doable and have real value. Plus, they’re really fun to put together! Scroll down to see how I put my DIY costume together, and check out the links at the bottom of this article for more last-minute DIYcostumes.


First, I picked up a fury vest from Target. I found a pretty, whimsical headband at Claire’s and then made a stop at Michael’s for a sheet of brown felt for ears and artificial twigs for antlers. If you don’t want to purchase the twigs, you could definitely just pick a few up off the ground! I cut the brown felt into large,teardrop shapes and put a dab of hot glue in the middle, pinching that area of the felt together to give the ears a more realistic, folded shape. Finally, I glued the ears onto the side of the headband and trimmed down the twigs and glued them right behind the ears. The key item here is a glue gun!

For my face, I used this video as a guideline:

For hair, I chose to create waves with a curling wand and backcombed my entire head for a wild look. Underneath my vest, I wore a brown top and a black pencil skirt along with brown boots. This is totally up to you! As long as it’s brown or black, any article of clothing will work.


Michaels and The Store Upstairs are great places in Airdrie to find everything you need for a DIY costume. Happy Halloween and #ThinkAirdrie when shopping for your DIY supplies! To find ideas for your own DIY costume check out the links below.

For couples:

For kids:

If you really cut it close and only have 20 minutes to make a costume:


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