Beating the November Blues

With school finals, Christmas parties and the chaos of holiday shopping approaching, November can become a stressful time and leave you in a rut. I’ve been feeling this way a bit myself, so I figured why not share a few of my tips for beating the November blues. Some of them will seem like no-brainers, but they can make all the difference!


Make a list. Lists freak some people out, especially when they’re long. However, lists keep you organized and help you prioritize. Better yet, the feeling of checking off each item is a stress reliever! I use lists to keep track of my homework, errands and important dates remaining in the month.


Get moving. When you’re feeling down, physical activity is probably the last thing you feel like doing, but the power of endorphins is real! Find what form of exercise is most enjoyable for you. Whether you prefer a high-energy spin class, blissful yoga or just a quick jog around the block, exercise will help you think better, sleep better and ultimately, feel better. Checking out fitness classes at Genesis Place is a great place to start.


Treat yourself. Is having a cupcake from Avenue Bakery for breakfast every day the best habit to get into? Of course not. But, indulging in the simple pleasures of life like enjoying your favourite treat or having an extra long bubble bath is the perfect pick-me-up.


Sleep, but don’t oversleep. As tempting as it is, try to put your phone away and turn off your T.V. and laptop as you’re settling down. If you’re feeling sluggish in the morning or during the day, resist the urge to lay in bed! A quick nap is perfectly okay, but the more you lay around, the more your energy levels and mood will decrease.


Make time for friends and family.  It is so important to leave social time in your schedule, even if it’s just a quick coffee with a friend! Check out The Festival of Lights once December rolls around, or visit a local restaurant like Toad N Turtle,  Ristorante Rose & Il-Forno or Paul’s Pizza & Steakhouse. The yummy ice cream in this photo is only available in Calgary. But, have no fear! Amato Gelato in Airdrie offers some delicious treats.


Whether you’re in a slump this November or any other time of the year, keeping even one of these simple tips in mind will lift your spirits! As always: Remember to #ThinkAirdrie when shopping, dining and exploring!



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