Styling Faux Fur

Faux fur and dramatic texture has simply blown up this winter season. It’s everywhere, but it’s a trend that offers such versatility. You can still make it all your own! It’s also a great way for us Canadians to stay bundled up, yet fashion-forward; however, styling faux fur can feel a bit daunting. Here are a few tips for working fur and texturized pieces into your wardrobe.




Start out small. Faux fur jackets and vests can be so much fun to work with, but you can always start out with fur-cuffed mittens or a fur cowl/infinity scarf.

Layer. Wearing faux fur is a great way to add that last layer of interest to your outfit. It can be layered over a dress, blouse, knit sweater, tee-shirt — the options are endless.

Keep accessories simple. Faux fur pieces definitely make a statement! Try pairing your look with some delicate stud earrings and a simple handbag.

Choose neutrals. Pairing faux fur with neutrals, whether it creates a monochromatic look (like grey on grey) or high contrast (like black with white), keeps the look polished and sophisticated.

Take risks. All in all, if you like a look, go for it! Despite tips and trends, it’s important to feel confident and comfortable in whatever you’re wearing. There are no real rules when it comes to fashion.



Happy Styling!


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