A truly sweet DIY Valentine’s gift

Valentine’s Day is two weeks away, but I like to get ahead! I’m a big fan of DIY gifts, and I was inspired to put together this Valentine’s  gift by a similar concept I saw at Chapters/Indigo. Check it out below:

First, pick up some small treat boxes, tags and string, yarn or ribbon. They can be Valentine’s themed, matching, mismatched — totally your choice! I bought all of my supplies from Michaels, and it came to a total of about five dollars. Not too bad at all! The boxes came in a pack of six, and the tags in a pack of 16 (eight small tags and eight large tags).


These cute little treat boxes were simple to put together. All I had to do was fold them up into a cube and tuck each flap into the slit on the side panel of the box.


Pick up some candy and chocolate! Bulk Barn,  the bulk aisle and the candy aisle of any grocery store are great places to look. You will probably find that buying in bulk is slightly less expensive. Try to keep in mind some possible sayings you can use! For example: “I love you berry much” (Swedish Berries), “You have the key to my heart,” (sour keys), “Kisses from me to you” (chocolate Kisses).


Finally, fill each box with a type of candy or chocolate, write a saying on a tag for each box and attach the tag to the box! I just tied a knot at each end of the yarn and secured it to the box with some tape. I also put a small piece of tape on each box to keep it shut tight. You can also use Valentine’s stickers (available at any Dollar store or Michaels) to keep the tag on and the box closed. If you put this gift together before Valentine’s Day, just be sure to keep all the boxes in an airtight container so the gummy treats don’t get hard!


Place the boxes around the house for your Valentine to find, or put them all in one big box! However you give this sweet little gift, he or she will love the thoughtful (and tasty) gesture.


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