Last Minute D.I.Y Halloween Costume


Halloween is one week away, and if you’re anything like me now is the time to start panicking about what to wear! I wanted to have a costume that was original and reasonably priced. A D.I.Y piñata costume fit the bill. It was easy to make and cost less than $30.00.

I started with a dress from my closet, but other clothing items would work too such as a tank top and leggings. Make sure whatever you wear has some stretch to it so that you can change into your costume without all the pieces falling off! You will also need party
streamers in various colours (4-5), fabric glue, party hats (2), and a hot glue gun.
Cut strips of streamer four inches long, then cut slits in the bottom half of each piece to make a “fringed” look. Glue the strips of streamer to your dress in rows in whichever colour pattern you prefer. Make sure you let your costume dry overnight before putting it on so the fabric glue has enough time to dry!

DIY-Pinata-Costume-4-SMI decided to make a headpiece in order to complete the look. For this I glued two party hats on a headband to look like “ears” and used the leftover streamer pieces to cover each party hat.

I think this costume is super cute but I’ve also posted a link to another last minute costume website below if this isn’t your style.

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