How To: Styling Faux Leather

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word leather? I don’t know about you, but I see Cat-woman and those god awful pleather pants from the 90’s. This past year leather has been making a comeback. Of course the thought of wearing leather can be intimidating, but I managed to find a few leather pieces you can wear all while keeping the look casual and comfortable.



I recently heard about a pair of pleather leggings being sold at Aritizia; and being the bandwagon hopper that I am, had to go and buy them myself. Long story short, so worth the $150 dollars! The fit is perfect and they look like genuine leather. In order to keep the outfit casual I paired it with a loose fitting t-shirt, a big wool scarf, and a pair of brown booties. Of course if you are wanting to dress it up you could always pair it with a blouse or a blazer but my main priority was comfort.

The second item I found and fell in love with was a black leather jacket. Normally I would never wear a leather jacket in black because I felt like it looked too harsh on me, but once I paired it with the right items I fell in love with it. I paired this jacket with a white tank top, a red button up flannel, a pair of dark wash ripped jeans, and a pair of white converse. You can pair it with whatever shoes you want but I felt that the white converse added to the casual look I was going for!

These are just a few ideas I had after looking at pictures on pinterest for inspiration but you can pair any oversized item with leather for a casual and comfortable look. Leather is in, don’t be scared to try it out!


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