Kombucha Craze

Ever heard of kombucha? I’ve seen more and more of these beverages at the store and in peoples’ hands, so I figured I should see what it’s all about. At one time, kombucha drinks were exclusively available in health food and specialty grocery stores, but I picked this up at Safeway last night. It looked delicious and refreshing, and promises energy and revitalization, but what is kombucha? Basically….fermented tea. The tea is fermented using symbiotic yeast and bacterial colonies, and then flavoured.


But wait, give it a chance! The taste? Highly carbonated, fruity with a slightly alcoholic aftertaste (similar to beer or a cider) and refreshing. The bottle warns against shaking, but make sure you gently turn it upside down once before drinking. As for health benefits, there is a bit of controversy surrounding the revitalization suggested by the packaging and natural health gurus. The miraculous health claims made about kombucha (for example, that it cures everything from baldness and insomnia to arthritis and cancer) are NOT backed up by any scientific evidence. However, for experience-sake I’m glad I gave it a try! Who knew bacteria could taste so good?